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  Elegance In Motion

We have not always been able to keep and continue showing the best we had ...... but we have been fortunate to find lovely homes for our boys.  In some instances they remain entire, in others they have been neutered but be were able to keep frozen semen and hope to incorporate them into our breeding program some time soon.

Au. Ch. Shertonah So Let It Be Written

 S: Ch. Shertonah I Am Legend D: Joiner's Quality Meranti Mimi (Imp Fin)



His litter of puppies was the first to be tested in entirety for RD, which produced THREE, males, all CLEAR for RD.  One of his son's, can be found on 'our boys' page... Trevasco Written In The Stars.  Brynner is now retired and enjoying life with a loving familly in Melbourne.






DNA clear for DM, NE, vWD and carrier RD.


Trevasco Written In The Stars

 d: Aust Ch. Shertonah Gypsy Gold s: Aust Ch. Shertonah So Let It Be Written 




Wally was born 4th June 2011. He was one of seven puppies. His litter was the first to be tested in entirety for Renal Dyplasia (previously referred to as JRD).... both parents are known to be carriers. He was one of three resultant clear puppies. The remaining were two carriers and two homozygous. Elizabeth also had her puppies carrying the mutant allele tested for renal function before going to new homes. 

                                         Traits: Bb, DD, Ee, KK, EMem     


10-generation COI



Shertonah Love Me Tender

Elegant Dream AforeignAffair (Imp USA) d Aust Ch. Fosters Omega Von Akim (Imp Swd)



Frozen Semen Available to Approved bitches conditions applys





vWD, NE, DM - CLEAR    RD - HZ

Shertonah Lord Ovthe Sky

s. Aust Ch. Marlau Lord of the Ring d. Shertonah Star Performer  









DM, NE, vWD - CLEAR  RD - carrier BbEeDd


Silbrough Winner Takes It All

 s Shertonah Lord Ov The Sky d Karlskro Winner Takes It All    


DM, NE, vWD - CLEAR... RD - HZ Hips AVA 4:4

Shertonah Ima Show Off

s: Silbrough Winner Takes It All d:Mithrils Thats What Im Talkn About At Shertonah 

DM NE vWD - clear.  RD carrier.  Hip AVA 2:2

Shertonah You Got It Bad

s:Shertonah Ima ShowOff d: Shertonah Helter Skelter


10-generation COI 1.33%

Shertonah Going For Gold

 s Elegant Dream AforeignAffair (imp USA) d Aust Ch. Obladis Fast Flame (imp Swd)   

not at public stud         

Steale was shown for the first time at the 10th Poodle National held in Victoria on Saturday 12th March, 2011.  He has not been shown since he was six months old.  He has been growing coat for this occasion for the last 6 months only.  He was wonderful.  Moved into the role effortlessly.





vWD, NE, DM - CLEAR    RD = Hz

Shertonah Star Atraction

s. Ch. Starina Shut Up N Kiss Me d. Neiger Rising Star





FROZEN SEMEN available to approved bitches conditions apply




DM, NE, vWD - CLEAR... RD - HZ

Shertonah Break Every Rule

 s: Ch. Shertonah I Am Legend d:Ch. Shertonah Love N Kisses


Rickaby Got The Look

 s Aust Ch. Torbec Look Out (imp Canada) d. Neiger Blondie

Bobbie came as a very generous gift from Debbie.  Due to my study commitments, I was unable to show Bobbie the extent that I would have liked and eventually made the very hard decision to return him to Debbie.  Fortunately, we were able to keep semen from him, to use in the near future.      





 Hips AVA - 4:4   DNA clear - DM, NE, vWD

Shertonah I Did It My Way (AI)

 s. Farleys D Universal Soldier (imp USA) d. Shertonah Love Story 














 DNA clear vWD, NE, DM  DNA homozygous RD

Shertonah Mr Can Do

 s:  Aust. Ch. Joiner's Quality Velau Valdemar (imp Finland) d: Neiger Rising Star 


 DM, NE, vWD - clear.  RD - HZ


Shertonah Itx Mayhem

s: Shertonah Back In Black d:Shertonah In Disguise




This young fella lives with a family on breeders terms.  His first litter is now on the ground.








DM, NE, vWD - clear.  RD - HTZ

Adeltoy Simply Smaxhn

s: Danrith Flash Jack  d:Adeltoy Smash N Roxanne.

We were absolutely delighted when Merle Storie agreed to allow this gorgeous boy to live with us to help us with our plans to breed out RD.  We had planned to show him but his white mismark did not disappear as anticipated.  He had a great temperament and wonderful disposition.  Whilst Merle had assured me he was RD clear, because she didn't have renal disease in her lines, it eventuated that he was in fact a carrier.  As our breeding plans are focused on breeding out RD from our poodle lines, Cael gave us a beautiful litter of which we were fortunate to keep an RD Clear male - with no mismark!  He has now found a lovely forever home with Judy.


 DM, NE, and vWD clear.  RD carrier.  Hips 3:10 =13


Tannah Brown Renagage (IID)

 S:Mithril Radagast The Brown (USA) D:Sanvar's Ruby Tuesday (imp USA)

While we do not own this gorgeous boy, he is the sire of our beautiful
Mystique, "Shertonah Spellbound",  


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