Shertonah Standard Poodles

  Elegance In Motion

Neiger Rising Star


Crystal had the most amazing temperament and was very sensitive to the needs of my children.    My daughter, Corinne, learned to handle and show this delightful girl at shows... they were a great looking team.  Crystal was so sensitive to the children that my, then 6 year old son, also had occasion to run her around the ring and 'show' her.  Crystal, seemingly, effortlessly adjusted her stride and ran with him.    She had only two litters, after which she was retired and remains my daughters faithful companion. 

s.Neiger Colour ov Night d. Neiger Red Riding Hood

DM. NE, vWD clear RD - HZ

Shertonah Star Performer

s. Aust Ch. Starina Shut Up N Kiss Me  d. Neiger Rising Star.    


 Starina poodles allowed us to use Brady as the sire to our very first litter.  Permission came with the condition that we were not able to keep anything from the litter.

The puppies turned out to be really lovely puppies with exceptional temperaments.  After some negotiation Starina Poodles allowed us to sell Francine and litter brother, Wesley on 'breeders terms".

Francine was a great mum and gave us two beautiful litters.


Shertonah Y Behave

s.Aust Ch. Marlau Lord of The Ring (IID) d. Shertonah Star Performer




Lacey was a stunning puppy with a lot of potential.  Unfortunately, we were unable to keep and show her so she was placed in 'foster'. 

Lacey has had just one litter of which we kept the handsome Hawk and his gorgeous sister Molly.







Shertonah Solo Dancer

s Shertonah Mr Can Do d Ch.  Fosters Omega Von Akim (imp Swed)


 Clear by parentage for DM, NE, and vWD.  Carrier RD.

Bella is the mother to our first RD clear tested girl.   Bella had three litters and produced some of our most gorgeous girls

Shertonah Spellbound

s:Tannah Brown Renagade d:Shertonah Solo Dancer 


Shertonah  A Star Is Born

 s:Shertonah Play Me d:Shertonah Solo Dancer 

DNA carrier RD.
10-Generation COI 6.92%

We have kept a gorgeous boy from her one beautiful litter.  He is RD clear.

Shertonah A Love Story

 S: Elegant Dream AfforeignAffair (Imp USA) D: Ch. Fosters Omega Von Akim (Imp SWD)

 clear DM NE vWD by parentage. 

Seri had one gorgeous litter of BiG kids.

Shertonah That’s The Way It Is (AI)

s: Farley Ds Universal Soldier (imp USA) d:Shertonah A Love Story 


had one litter from which we selected the handsome Harry

Starina I Told You So

 s. Aust Ch. Splash Extreme Measures (imp Swd) d. Ch. Starina Iam Shameless 



Shertonah Just Coz I Can

 s. Fosters Admiral Von Akim (imp Swd)  d. Starina I Told You So



     DM carrier, NE vWD clear RD - HZ

Shertonah Marquis Diamond

s:Shertonah Break Every Rule d:Shertonah Just Coz I Can 

Ziggie had two litters.  We were able to keep a son from her first litter, but as there were not RD clear pups in her second litter we did not keep anything

Shertonah Jn Disguise

  s. Elegant Dream AforeignAffair   d. Starina I Told You so

vWD, NE clear, DM  carrier 

"99" gave us one beautiful litter before moving into her 'forever' home in WA.

Tannah Sweet Jinjabiskit

s Majestic Redd Zac (imp USA) d Taladayga Sweet Dreams (imp UK)

Tannah Poodles insisted on giving Cookie to us.  We attempted to show Cookie but, like her mother, she was not happy in the ring and after a short show career she settled in to being a wonderful companion. 

Tannah Poodles decided to take Cookie from us to breed with her.  We were allowed to lease Cookie to have one special litter, referred to as "The Dream Team" before they took her back to continue breeding with her.

We retained "Shertonah In Ya Dreams" to show while "Shertonah Follow That Dream" was retained in a 'foster' where she became part of our breeding program.




 dm, ne, vWD clear, rd homozygous





Shertonah Follow That Dream     /     Shertonah Inya Dreams

                                s Shertonah Going For Gold d Tannah Sweet Jinjabiskit


dm ne vWD clear rd homozygous

both girls had only one litter each

Shertonah Chantily Rainbow

d: Shertonah Follow that Dream s:Shertonah I Did It My Way


Bindi had a single puppy in both her first and second litter.  On the third attempt, she produced two.  Bindi produced stunning puppies but not what we were hoping for. 

Shertonah Burn For You

 s: Aust Ch. Joiner's Quality Velau Valdemar (Imp Fnd) d Aust Ch. Obladis Fast Flame (imp Sdn)

We are thrilled that the beautiful 'Snap' was able to rejoin us.

Snap had lived with Debbie of Rickaby kennels since she was 8 weeks old.  Debbie had decided to concentrate on her beloved 'hounds' and generously sent Snap home to us.

Snap has now retired to SA (where she lives with her mother) after producing a lovely litter of four, of which we were able to keep Dior and Snoop. 

 RIP - died of snake bite protecting her owner after the bushfires that ravaged SA in 2015

dm ne vWD clear, rd carrier. 

Shertonah Prelude To A Kiss

s: Shertonah Break Every Rule d: Shertonah Burn For You 

 DM, NE, VWD - CLEAR.... RD CARRIER.  HIPS 0:0 = 0 

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