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At Shertonah we are dedicated to raising quality puppies for you to enjoy, that excel in Conformation, Obedience, Agility and in your home as a loving and loyal Companion. 

Genuine enquires are welcome.




Please write to us to express your interest at with your enquiries. 



   we have a black female looking for a foster home.  must be in Victoria.


black male and female available, also brown male. born 9/12/16 - to be microchipped at 8 weeks as per veterinary advice to do so younger may be detrimental. available from the 10/2/17




Renal Dysplasia is a hereditary disease that is carried in many breeds and has a high prevelance but low incidence.  Currently, there are many more dogs carrying the mutant allele than there are without it.  Despite the low incident rate and general lack of interest from other breeders to address the issue we are dedicated to breeding this disease out. Consequently, we are having to breed carriers to carriers (where possible) or carriers to homozygous to ensure the ongoing diversity of genetics.  We are seeking reliable and honest people to assist us with our endeavours by being FOSTER FAMILIYS... for more information about our Foster program click HERE!

All puppies will be de-sexed before going to new homes.  PLEASE DO NOT ask for late spaying as refusal may offend.  We reserve the right of refusal of sale.  Early neutering is supported by the RSPCA... please follow  the link to read their article.  Click on HERE!  

Any individual wanting to know the RD status of their dog can apply to Dogenes for their own test kit and have the dog they already own tested.  It is not limited to breeders, visit to register and apply.




 Before contacting us please consider the following ;-

              We breed for 'quality not quantity' pure bred Standard Poodles


When you contact us for a puppy, we prefer it is after much consideration as we would rather not encourage impulse buying.  Remember, 'Anything worth while is worth the wait'. Please spend some time studying up on the requirements of owning a Poodle, including grooming requirements before commiting to a puppy.

  • Remember the saying 'you get what you pay for' is true.
  • We offer a reserve email listing and can keep you updated on possible puppy arrivals.
  • Our puppies are sold to approved homes that we can validate, therefore we ask when making your enquiries please include contact details including your address and telephone numbers.
  • We have the right of refusal.
  • All our companion puppies are sold de-sexed.  Please don't ask otherwise, as refusal may offend.
  • We will consider Show Homes under contractual agreement.
  • We do ship world wide - International enquiries welcome.
  • Our sires are available to approved and registered Standard Poodles only.
  • We DO NOT support or encourage cross breeds of any kind.
  • Deposits are Non-refundable.

 Thank you for your consideration.          

 Understanding puppy prices. 

Reputable breeders put a great deal of money into producing quality sound puppies for themselves and the public to enjoy.  When considering and comparing puppies, breeders and prices, ask your breeder for the following test reults that they have done on their breeding stock.   If the parents haven't been tested, is it worth saving yourself a few dollars on the initial purchase price, and risk life long health issues in the puppy you purchase.  Consider, what the breeder is doing to ensure genetic diversity and reduce the co-efficient of inbreeding.  If the breeder you choose isn't testing their dogs, and protecting you, what are you paying for? 

For your peace of mind, choose a breeder that tests.

Test                 Totals
 Degenerative Myelopathy                                      $135.00
 Neonatal Encephalopathy $120.00
 DNA profile $70.00
 vWD (Type 1) $125.00
 Renal Disease $135.00
  EYES $100.00
 PENN HIP $525.00
 AVA HIP $385.00
  Sebacious Adenitis $360.00
  Importing semen - variable costs  $6000 - $8000.00
  Aritificial Insemination  $1000 - $1200.00
  Progesterone testing for AI  $70.00 per test usual minimum 6 $420.00
  Caesarian Section  $1200 - $2000.00
  Semen Storage  
 Importing Dog
$15,000 - 20,000.00







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