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Renal Dysplasia

Renal dysplasia is a condition that affects ALL dogs.  It's mode of inheritence in known as "Dominant with incomplete penetrance".  This means that it only takes one copy of the mutant allele to be present to have an affected dog. Renal dysplasia is a disease that affects the development of the kidneys. All dogs are born with immature kidneys, made of fetal kidney tissue. By about eight weeks of age, the kidneys should have developed into mature kidneys. This transition does not complete itself if the dog is affected with renal dysplasia. It is manifested by the presence of fetal or immature glomeruli and/or tubules within an otherwise mature kidney. The percentage of immature glomeruli present determines how affected the dog is. The dogs are classified as normal, borderline, mildly affected, moderately affected, moderately severe and severly affected. The degree of affectedness determines the dog's life span. Mildly affected dogs will live an asymptomatic, normal lifespan!  (

Dogs with one copy are said to be heterozygous and can be either "affected" or "non-affected".  Dogs with two copies are said to be homozygous and can be either "affected" or "non-affected". 

Being homozygous, does not automatically make it an affected dog.

Being heterozygous does not exclude it from developing the disease, nor does it make it an affected dog.

It is not yet understood what makes that disease penetrate the allele leading to an affected dog - hence the only real way of eradicating the disease is to breed it out.   This disease is said to affect only a very small percentage approximately 3 - 5% of all dogs carrying the mutant allele (and all breeds - it is not exclusive to poodles), however, the fact that it does not show itself in every generation is problematic, as it leaves breeders with a false sense of security, believing that it does not exist in their lines.  

As a result of my experience with the condition, I set about finding the source of renal disease in the lines of my dogs.  This turned out to be something of a land mine. RENAL DISEASE is present in many lines, black, brown, apricot and red... there is no exception.



The signs of renal dysplasia depend upon the severity and types of kidney disorders that are present in the particular dog. Symptoms can include abnormalities in urine production, concentration or excretion. They also can include excretion of nutrients or substances in urine that normally should be retained in circulating blood.

Dogs whose kidneys have developed abnormally can manifest a number of symptoms, most of which usually are tied to chronic renal insufficiency or failure. They typically include one or more of the following:

  • Increased formation and excretion of a large volume of urine (polyuria; PU; usually evident by 6 to 24 months of age)
  • Increased thirst or excessive water intake (polydypsia; PD; usually evident by 6 to 24 months of age)
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)
  • Failure to have normal heat cycles (anestrus)
  • Lack of appetite (inappetence; anorexia)
  • Poor growth (stunted growth)
  • Poor weight gain (body wasting)
  • Poor wound healing
  • Pale mucous membranes (pallor)
  • Poor hair coat
  • Poor body condition
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Oral sores (oral ulceration)
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Bone pain                   (

If your chosen breeder does not test for renal disease they CANNOT say with certainty that renal disease does not exist in their lines.  Insist they test!  The only way we can clear this silent disease out is through testing. 

In 2014, we are proud to say, we had our first RD clear litter. 


 Name ColourRD status Sire


 Obladis Fast Flame Apricot HeterozygousFoster's Fire FighterObladis Starka-Carisma
Shertonah Wind of Change Blue CLEARKokopelis Reggea Parti Ohelo Berry Muffin
Trevasco Writing On The Wall Cream CLEARTrevasco Written In The Stars Serensil's Decadent Delight
Shertonah Whos That GirlREDHomozygousAdeltoy Simply SmashnMithrils That's What I'm Talkin About at Shertonah
Shertonah Make It Happen Apricot CLEARShertonah Break Every Rule  Shertonah Bella's Onyx
 Adeltoy Simply Smashn Black HeterozygousDanrith Flash JackAdeltoy Smashn Roxanne
Trotzen Aurora Designed TShine Brown


Shertonah Lord OvTh SkyJonje Caribbean Sunset
 Trotzen All That Glitters Blue CLEARShertonah Bellas Blaze of Glory Jonje Caribbean Sunset
Rickaby Got ThLook ApricotHeterozygousTorbec Look OutNeiger Blondie
Adeltoy Crack The CodeBrown  HomozygousAdeltoy Smashn Bentley Adeltoy Smash N Scarlett
Rhymeah Zarli BlackHeterozygousSharmeka Dark KnightRhymeah Jeda 
 Tannah Jinja Rosie Apricot Homozygous/AFFECTEDStuartlea Red TurboTannah Sweet Jinjabiskit
Shertonah Like It Like ThatBlack CLEARAdeltoy Simply SmashnMithrils That's What I'm Talkin About at Shertonah
 Lithesome Latte Cream Heterozygous Bailey Gilles BergerShertonah HokuLani E Ke Kai
 Omega Onyx BlackHeterozygous Bailey Gilles BergerShertonah HokuLani E Ke Kai
 Fosters Admiral Von Akim Apricot HeterozygousGolden Akim Von BriwebuFoster’s My Best Friend
Fosters Omega Von Akim Apricot HeterozygousGolden Akim Von BriwebuFoster’s My Best Friend
Shertonah Bella's Party Mix RED CLEARShertonah Itz MayhemShertonah Solo Dancer
Shertonah Bella's Blaze of Glory BLACK CLEARShertonah Itz MayhemShertonah Solo Dancer
Joiner's Quality Velau Valdemar Apricot Homozygous TOP TEAM'S VSEX COOLMINT JOINER'S QUALITY LARIX LIVIA
Joiner's Quality Meranti Mimi BlackHeterozygous FOSTER'S CHIP JOINER'S QUALITY YEMERI YOLANDA
 Elegant Dream AforeignAffair Red Homozygous Highlands Red Royal RegalElegant Miss Jana
Shertonah Love Me Tender Red HomozygousElegant Dream AforeignAffairFosters Omega Von Akim
Shertonah I Did It My Way Apricot HomozygousFarleys D Universal SoldierShertonah A Love Story
Shertonah I Am Legend BlackHeterozygousTango L'Contradanza At ChatainObladis Fast Flame
 Shertonah Love Diiva Red Homozygous Elegant Dream AforeignAffairFosters Omega Von Akim
 Shertonah Hot Gossip Apricot Homozygous Joiner's Quality Velau Valdemar Obladis Fast Flame
 Stuartlea Red Turbo Red HomozygousPalmares Minarets Oregon Red Stuartlea Bella Redpippa
 Shertonah Y Behave Cream HomozygousMarlau Lord Of The RingsShertonah Star Performer
 Shertonah Mr Can Do Black HomozygousJoiner's Quality Velau ValdemarNeiger Rising Star
 Shertonah In Disguise


 HomozygousElegant Dream AforeignAffair Starina I Told You So
 Shertonah Gypsy Gold Red HeterozygousElegant Dream AforeignAffairObladis Fast Flame
 Shertonah So Let It Be Written BlackHeterozygousShertonah I Am LegendJoiners Quality Meranti Mimi
Shertonah So Let It Be Done Cream CLEARShertonah I Am LegendJoiners Quality Meranti Mimi
Mithrils That's What I'm Talkin About at Shertonah Red HeterozygousBoudreaux's Cajun RedRotten's Gig'Em Aggies
Shertonah Break Every Rule Red CLEARShertonah I Am LegendShertonah Love N Kisses
Silbrough Winner Takes It All  Black HomozygousShertonah Lord Ov The SkyKarlskro Winner Takes It All
Shertonah Itz Mayhem Cream HeterozygousShertonah Back In BlackShertonah In Disguise
Trevasco Written In The Stars Black CLEARShertonah So Let It Be WrittenShertonah Gypsy Gold
Shertonah Back In Black Black HeterozygousMarlau Lord of the RingsShertonah Star Performer
Shertonah Going for Gold Red HomozygousElegant Dream AfforeignAffairObliadis Fast Flame
Shertonah Inya DreamsRed  HomozygousShertonah Going for GoldTannah Sweet Jinjabiskit
Trevasco Under Th Milky Way Cream HeterozygousShertonah So Let It Be Written Shertonah Gypsy Gold
Kirada Blue Bayou Blue HomozygousSisco's An American Trilogy Kirada Always on My Mind
G'day Cross Fire at Blythswood Silver HomozygousCosalta Crossfire at SilvistaG'day Peppermint Crisp
 Neiger Rising Star Black HomozygousNeiger Color Ov Night Neiger Red Riding Hood
 Shertonah Lord Ov Th Sky Blue HeterozygousMarlau Lord of the Rings Shertonah Star Performer
Shertonah Bella's Onyx Black CLEARShertonah Itz MayhemShertonah Solo Dancer
 Shertonah Prelude to a Kiss RedHeterozygousShertonah Break Every Rule

Shertonah Burn For You 




 Name Colour StatusSire Dam
Tanje Gold Charm Apricot  CarrierAprimon Bold As Brass Juleanne Southern Belle
Strutin My Stuff from Whitout (Imp NZL) Black HomozygousAutumn-Gold of Whitout (NZL) Dressed in Black by Whitout (NZL) 
Bienaime Xtra Pretty Matise white carrier Hillani Stirling Silver Bienaime Lil Snowball
Henleyridge Sweet Penny Black CLEAR 




Mydrm Just for Fun RED CarrierMydrm Show StopperMydrm Az You Like It
Mydrm Show Stopper RED CarrierSylvenus Cuz I Can Hallaby Nota Nother Nut
Mydrm Ima ShowOff Cream CarrierMydrm Show Stopper Hallaby Another Blue
Ch. Mydrm Ima WinnerBlackCLEARMydrm Show Stopper

Hallaby Another Blue

 Hallaby Trendsetter CreamCLEAR Hallaby Peach Delight Moncherrie Coin a Fraze
 Hallaby Nota Nother Nut BrownCLEAR Jeswee Aint No Angel Rusch Min Agapanthus


We will continue selective breeding until we have successfully cleared this disease from our lines.  At the request of certain pro-active kennels we are starting to incorporate their test results.  In the interest of the future welfare of our breed we are happy to add your dog's results also.  Please provide copy pedigree and RD test results.

More on Renal Disease can be found at


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