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d. Shertonah In Disguise s:Shertonah Back in Black

Leased: Angela Knight.. campaigned in Qld

DM carrier., BBEE

The Lease with Angela Knight finishes on the 16th June 2012 after two years. We brought Quinn and Ziva home recently and were horrified with what we saw. We took them straight to the vet. In his words, they were severely copper deficient, and underweight, Quinn dangerously so. Both Ziva and Quinn's ears were chock full of hair and dirt, and his right ear very sore. Both dogs and really worn front teeth and teeth were badly stained. Both dogs had been shaved off... I am still waiting on their paperwork - i have not heard from Angela since i advised her of the vet's report and advice that both dogs were borderline reportable.

Ziva is enjoying food, playing with the other dogs and spending as much time as she can negotiate sitting on my knee. When she is back to full condition we will look to find her a suitable beau.

As Angela cannot tell me when she was last in season, I do not know when that will be.

When Quinn arrived, he was only 20kgs, after two weeks he had managed to put on 6kgs, that was even after a week of diarrhoea, we believe due to actually getting a decent diet.

Once he has recovered fully, we will be looking for a forever home for him.



Anyone thinking they have what it takes to offer a forever home to this lovely boy, please feel free to contact us. UPDATE: Quinn has a lovely forever home in WA.

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