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Dear Tracy
Our one year update
Percy is a gorgeous boy
Well mannered socialised dog who loves his food, his dog friends and all who come to visit. Our grandson Chaz loves his Purdie. Our daughter maintains good reports on her health and Shertonah Knock on Wood is playing a vital role in the extended family health and wellbeing.
We just finished our monthly wash dry and groom routine.

 He enjoys all his play dates that are scheduled in his weekly diary. One could say spoil we just say loved.
He loves the car, the beach at Apollo Bay, his well mannered visits to the nursing home in Horsham to visit my mum. The doctor brings in his 2 standard poodles to play. The oldies love the treat
Hope that you, your human and dog family are well and content
Lynne, Ken and Percy


Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your call yesterday, it was good to hear from you.


Darcy's doing great, we have a lot of fun and pleasure with him. He is a good natured pup, happy, energetic and curious. He turned 12 weeks yesterday, had his vet visit and behaved very well. He waits 9 kg, has a good appetite and don't complain about our QLD hot weather (it was 37C yesterday and said to be 41C today)

Pavel gave him his first haircut yesterday, we recon he looks very smart! 


Here is a couple of pictures of him on 11 and 12 weeks.


Hope all is good at yours,


Pavel and Natalia


Happy New Year! 


Hi Tracy, 

our boy turned 1 last Saturday and we thought you'll be interested to see how big and beautiful he's grown.

He is the best companion we ever had - gentle, happy, active (jogs with Pavel every morning), well behaved and good-natured.


Thanks for your beautiful job, hope all is going well at yours.


Pavel and Natalia Ignatenko.



Hi Tracy this is a photo of our beautiful Rihanna. 

She is the best puppy we have ever had.  So laid back and "cruzey" - nothing seems to worry her.

Even if she does something wrong (which is very rare) - as soon as you say "no" she hangs her head so you could never get angry with her.  She is loving and cuddly and gentle.  I guess I could go on forever.  Am always in a hurry to get home to see her.

Upon reading your "testimonials" the same comment seems to arise - the wonderful temperament of all your dogs.

Rihanna is our 8th standard poodle and I would have to say this delightful girl has the best temperament we have ever come across.

We just love her to bits.

Jill and John Crump.


Hi Tracy


I just have to tell you we are so happy we have Apollo.  He such a gentle and beautiful boy. He is learning quickly, so loving, and a pleasure to have. He has his quirky antics, like suddenly dashing around the garden and then diving back to my feet sliding along the patio on the way.  Last night he met the two youngest grandchildren who he greeted excitedly but was well behaved and didn't jump up. He knew they were little.  We just adore him and say to each other how lucky we are to have him and haven't stopped smiling since the day he arrived. So thank you for our adorable boy. It's so hard to put into words the joy he brings, he is a great example of good breeding.


Sue Mizen

Athena & Oden






Hudson & Willow's puppy Athena sister to Sid is energetic, adventurous, and affectionate Poodle, who loves to have a good conversation and makes sure we know that it's time to get up every morning. She loves spending time with us, and playing with her best friend Odin. She loves chasing Odin around the back yard playing tug of war and then coming in to muddy up the lounge room!

Bogart & Adrienne's puppy Odin brother to Chelsea,Bobby & Remmy is a chilled and relaxed puppy. He's so laid back he pretty much sleeps all day. Apart from when he's chasing Athena, playing with the cat, or decides that he wants to run around the back yard. He's a very dignified dog, who likes to feel the wind on his face when he's sitting on the deck watching the birds in the garden. Odin loves chilling with us more than he loves anything else. 






Dear Tracy, 

A couple of recent pictures of Biggles from just before xmas.

He is house trained through the night and has mastered a few tricks already - Sit and Down.

He loves the garden,  rolling about on the lawn after his evening stroll and being with us as we go about the days activities, he is curious and cheeky.

We are still working on all the basics, and he does require a firm direct approach - he is supper smart. 

I am grooming him small amounts weekly and he has his professional groomer coming in next week for his next hair cut in prep for the hot weather coming.

Just wanted you to know all was going well.


Warm regards

The Colt's


Hi Tracy

Just returned from holidays and opened all our mail. Thank you very much for sending Stitch paperwork through to me.  He is just the most perfect puppy. Here is a photo taken about a week ago. He is very calm, relaxed and affectionate.... Love him to bits.


We are off to puppy school Sunday for a four week obedience type course.  But he can do sit, shake, wait already. As well as walk on a lead, travel in the car on his harness and be very still whilst I trim his feet and face.  You obviously put some good ground rules in.... Thank you.


I'll send through periodic updates some can see I'm growing.


Debbie M




Dear Tracy

I wanted you to Know how much joy Tia has brought to our lives.  I couldn't ask for a better dog.  Although she is only 1 year old and still a puppy at heart she is wonderful...not perfect...but very wonderful, and with maturity and continued training I am confident she will be the best dog I have ever owned. I cannot imagine life without her now. Every time she is out in public someone thinks she looks great and people are in awe of her coloring. I couldn't be happier with her. All going well will start training her for tracking when the weather cools done a bit more.

Again thank you she is so much fun to be around.

Colin Burrington


Hi Tracy

Here he is !!!! Our beautiful "REMY".
He is now almost 15kg, and soooo great in every way.
He is the best adjusted Puppy we have ever come across in any dog we have owned. His temperament is stunning.
His breeding is a credit to you !!!!
He is going to be great at obedience, mastering basic healing, standing, sitting, dropping already.
He loves TV. Favourite programmes are Bondi Vet, and the Pal Puppy ad. He looks behind the TV to see where they are.

Hope you enjoy the photos. We will keep you posted as he develops.

Kind regards
Darryl & Julia Andrew


 Hi Tracy,

Chai The Therapy Dog passed his tests with flying colours first time with "Delta Society Australia".  He has the most easy going, un-flappable temperament you could ever hope to find.  We make weekly visits to Nursing Homes in our area where he has won the hearts of residents and carers alike.  He has recently won the heart of a lady who has feared dogs all her life.  Now she greets him like an old friend.

Will keep you up to date with his progress.

Thanks for such a wonderful dog.

Sheila Miller.


Good Morning Tracy.

Well, Farnham and Wheatley turned five yesterday and I can't believe how fast that time has passed.  Given it is their birthday week I thought it a good time to get in touch and let you know they are well.  

 The boys continue to be the light of my life and they make me smile every time I come home and see their little noses poking through the gate, waiting for me.  Their personalities haven't changed much from the first description you ever gave me of them.  Wheatley continues to be a mexican jumping bean, is full of energy, demands affection, is full of love and snuggles, is obsessed with his toys, is completely charming and gets away with everything!  You will see I have attached a somewhat strange looking photo of my makeup drawer in the bathroom that has a little toy bunny sitting in it.  This is because Wheatley always wants me to play with him when I'm getting ready in the morning and this particular day I was doing my best to ignore him.  So, when I turned around to get some makeup out of the drawer I could see that Wheatley had put his toy in the drawer so I would be forced to get it out and throw it for him.  If he doesn't put his toys in the drawer he puts them in the bathtub and has his own game of getting it out and then putting it back in again.  The other naughty habit he has is dropping his toys in their inside water bowl so he can get them out again, drag them across the floor leaving a water trail and then tries to get us to play with it!  

Farnham couldn't be any more laid back or he would be in a coma.  Farnham is our gentle giant and as Wheatley is the dominant dog, he sits in the background watching everything that goes on and plays games with us when Wheatley is restrained from chasing the toys.  Farnham loves to nap and it's normal to find him on the bed, stretched out and sound asleep.  

Every day I thank my lucky stars for having Farnham and Wheatley in my life.  They are the most beautiful dogs with fantastic temperaments.  Often when they are being walked people will stop to say hello to them - first because you don't see many Standard Poodles around and second because they are such good looking boys.  Everyone in their lives loves them from the staff at Dog World (where they get free reign to do what they like); their groomer (Karen) looks forward to seeing them and spoils them rotten.  Karen is a wonderful groomer and I know she treats the boys well by the way they react to her on clip day.  When I turn on to her street, Wheatley starts to whine because he knows where we're going.  When I take them into Karen's salon they run to her and are full of cuddles.  

I have attached a few photos taken of the boys over the last month, just so you can see what they look like now and that they're well.  There have been no ongoing health problems with the boys and they really only go to the vet once a year for their vaccinations.  So, thank you once again for entrusting the boys to me and thank you to the beautiful Zarlee and handsome Zac for making such special puppies.

Christi Brit. 


Well Tracy, suprise suprise, we are growing.  Rousseau now weighs in at 19 kilos and has replaced all his front teeth and is now dropping molars.
Rousseau has learnt how to open the door from reception to the staff room.  He has also learnt how to open the outside door and met me in the carpark the other day.  Everyone loves him and he loves everyone.  He loves banana - which only Hugo (my other standard) did.  He also eats apple cores.

Some extra pix for you.


Chris Clark


Hello Tracey,

Sorry this has taken a couple of days for me to reply to you, but have had to get another computer, so have been off line for a couple of days.  Noel told me that he has spoken to you so that you know that she arrived safely.   Tracey she is the most beautiful little ( well not so little) girl and we love her so much.   She has settled in very well and just follows me around everywhere and has got the nicest nature we just love her.   She will have tthe very best life that we can give her and will follow up with photoes for you so you can see how she grows.

Thankyou so much.

Cheers Noel and Jenny and Chantilly, Abigail 


 Dear Tracy,

At long last a photo from Bella, the "bell" of our household.
Bella is the biggest joy in our life. During my husbands illness she kept us occupied with her playful nature. Then a good companion on short walks. My husband is well again, so the walks are getting longer.
Walking Bella in the streets of Castlemaine makes heads turn. No one takes any notice of ME!!!! She is learning quickly. I take her with me everywhere.
She taught our old dog (blue healer x corgi) new tricks and now even Kendall has learned to play again.
We decided to give Bella a Belgium cut, hence the beard. When she is grown up she will get a shaven nose, but at the moment we just love that look. She looks more like a puppy that way.
I hope you enjoy the photos.
Give Alice a hug from Bella.
All the best



Hi Tracy


Thank you so much for the update of your email address.


I Hope you & your beautiful dogs have all been well.


I just thought I would share some photos with you that we took of our beautiful girl on Sunday the 6th Feb with her Birthday presents.  She totally enjoyed her day starting off with a walk then home so she could unwrap her presents then play with them. We also had our first day back at dog school where we could socialize a bit then do our class.  We were also invited to some friends for dinner in which Chanel also came so she could play with our friends dog.


Our girl is just so beautiful, we all love her so much.


Take care. 

Leanne  xx


just a quick update on Belle from Frances and myself.. In short Belle is simply awesome. attached 3 pics of belle at 1 year..
  Happiest dog on the planet (always), and most beautiful dog as pointed out by everyone that meets her.  I think there should be some sort of government subsidy for good breeders, maybe funded from the health budget; I'll explain: Belle has single handedly lowered more blood pressure in Turramurra than any prescribed medicine.   It's pleasing but unexpected really;    People of all shapes and sizes stop to greet her, people even pull over to say what when where etc etc.   The local grocer reckons her command of English is better than his.
Training: Currently  she's been through several stages of obedience training and doing well, her challenge is to stay on message especially when there are so many more interesting things to sniff and pounce on or even gobble up.
Many Thanks
Darryl Harding


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